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xSellit eCommerce Shopping Carts. Now more powerful than ever!

Yes, we know we've written a lot of articles about our xSellit Storefront product, however it just keeps getting better and better! So, you can't blame us, we're just really excited! Our xSellit Storefronts now offer more functionality than ever before and our xSellit product website just got a revamp!

The latest release of our xSellit Storefronts now blows many other eCommerce solutions out of the water. xSellit eCommerce Shopping Carts offer a ton of great new functionality.

Our Product Options now allows you to charge a different price per option. For example, if you are selling a Ring you can allocate a different price for the gold, white gold or platinum purchase without entering in the same product multiple times with different prices. xSellit Professionals now have Inventory Control which offers an amazing and powerful new feature. Our Inventory control lets you specify Quantity-On-Hand or In Stock/Out of Stock messaging plus it allows you to specify inventory at the product options level. You can mark that you have 40 White Gold Rings, 10 Gold Rings and 50 Platinum Rings in stock. You can set the Inventory control to auto deduct quantities of items once they are purchased and a quick Inventory Transaction based filler allows you to easily add inventory to a product as it arrives to your warehouse.

For those Ohio clients of ours, xSellit integrates into the Ohio Business Gateway (OBG). You can charge the appropriate sales tax per country that is required by the State of Ohio. We now offer Per Product Free Shipping. This is great for those interested in selling their services like consulting or service agreements, online. A powerful Product Search allows your customers to quickly locate products matching their search criteria searching through the database of all your products looking for the perfect match.

xSellit is now easier to use, offering Photo Resizing. For those clients not familiar with PhotosShop you can now just upload one large picture and xSellit will resize that picture to the three image sizes needed, the thumbnail, medium and large size pictures! An easy to use, Import & Export feature now allows you to quickly import/export your products using an Access database or Excel sheet and easily export your orders to a .csv file for quick import into your accounting system.

Of course all of the great features like an integrated PCI compliant gateway and integrated email marketing, great for repeat sales, are still included. xSellit eCommerce Storefronts are now more powerful than ever!

If you have a second, check out the newly redesigned website at and view our online commercial!

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